Flight of the Phoenix (1965). What a bloody great film that is. One of Jimmy Stewart’s best in my opinion.

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Video for Chandelier by Sia

Sia Performs Chandelier Live

The music video for Sia’s song, chandelier. The video and song combined blew me away first time I watched it.

Mobile & Multi-Device Design

Luke Wroblewski has published a collection of articles he has written about the mobile and multi-device design decisions of a recent project.

Indie Tech Manifesto

The Manifesto of Indie Tech. The company, led by Aral Balkan, is working to change ownership and control of consumer technology and data from corporations to individuals. They are doing this through the creation of Independent Technology.

I really must get round to sharing my favourite artists that I’ve discovered over the past year. All thanks to the free roaming allowed by my subscription to Google Play Music All Access.

Must review my favourite artists of the year

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