How have I been missing out on Mike & the Mechanics for this long !?!

Fitvids jQuery Plugin

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I have just used fitvids.js for the first time in ages and had forgotten how awesome it is. Within a minute I made all the videos on a current site work with the responsive design.

Normally, embedded videos that are placed on a site will break out of their container when the screen width drops below the embedded item’s width. Fitvids.js fixes it automagically so they scale with the container width.

Chrysta Bell at Oslo Hackney

Chrysta Bell and David Lynch

On Friday 11th April my Girlfriend and I drove down to London for the weekend. It was a great weekend and we got a lot in for the short amount of time we were there, but the nucleus of this trip was to see Chrysta Bell on her tour. Chrysta Bell is an artist in […]

Really enjoying listening to #theprettyreckless at the moment

Decided to go Ubuntu all the way on my laptop. No more windows.