A Final Fuck you from Google

With their seemingly-endless resources and technological caabilities, Google have their fingers in so many pies that it’s getting beyond unhygenic. So why is it that they struggle with a simple download?

Taking back the music

One of my most often-used products by Google is their “All Access” music streaming subscription service. All of my music is currently hosted on their servers and they know exactly what I listen to.

Moving back to Jekyll

Most of my weekday evenings are spent messing around with either my personal website or the album review website I started recently.

Journalling the reboot process

The idea to journal the process of my reboot comes from wanting to help out any others that would want to do the same / similar thing.

A Fresh Start

For everything we want / need to do online, there is always a handful of tools out there to do it. Most of them free.

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