After about six months of owning the game, I have finally started playing Skyrim VR. And I’ve gotta say – it is so f**king awesome. Okay so the graphics are still of the game’s original era, but being in that world just feels so great nonetheless.

I get those butterflies in my stomach as I am freely exploring the wilderness.

I have only played the first few quests on the PC version of the game, and am glad I never pursued it back then. Because now I get experience what I have heard is a really great game for the first time all in VR.

Tonight I found I had saved the game in Riverun. I went and completely one of the only quests I was familiar with – the exploring of Bleak Falls Barrow and the finding of the Golden Claw.

Running through those caves, with each Playstation Move controller controlling a different hand for my magic spells, I felt pretty badass.

I’m looking forward to seeing where the adventure takes me.

I’m sorry, dear website. I haven’t been paying you much attention recently. I have been busy writing on my Horror Manga blog, but that’s no excuse. In fact, I only mention it for the chance to create a backlink from this page.

I promise I’ll start coming over more often.

Finally completed Resident Evil 7 within 4 hours for the achievement. About 3 hours 40 minutes it took.

Phew. But what a game though!

News starting to roll in about the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This is great news. Apparently a September 14th release date.

Alicia Vikanda kicked ass! Tomb Raider was a lot of fun and was different enough from the game whist retaining some of the game’s cool moments.

Almost time for Tomb Raider. T minus nine hours and counting.

The rebooted Tomb Raider game from 2013 is one of my favourite games – especially when revisiting it for extra playthroughs. I really hope they’ve done Lara justice.

That was the single most rage-inducing game of Dead by Daylight I think I’ve ever had.

The Last of Us Screen captures

Here I present my collection of screenshots I have taken whilst playing one of my favourite ever games, The Last of Us. Please feel free to use any for your wallpapers. Simply click an image, then in the pop-up gallery click the link in the bottom right that reads “View full size”.