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Welcome to my personal homepage; my place to publish online — it tends to be a mish-mash of topics and ideas. Most of it may be of no interest to anyone but myself 😀

Virtual photography

Virtual Photography is the art of taking interesting shots within games. Often using a game’s built-in photomode, it is now possible to capture some truly beautiful shots within some incredible games.

Here are some of the latest additions to my own virtual photography shots.

Thoughts on Films

When I feel inspired after a film I have enjoyed, I will try and get my thoughts down in a cohesive manner. This often pushes me to think harder about what I have just seen and even sometimes helps me find things I had previously overlooked.

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Thoughts on Games

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  • Thoughts on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake
    Y’all have to look at the big picture here. Nothing worth fighting for was ever won without sacrifice. — Barret Wallace It felt like I had a weird mental journey through playing the Final Fantasy 7 remake. It started with me absolutely loving the opening scenes — the slow aerial shot into the mega-city of… Continue reading Thoughts on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake
  • God of War
    Kratos and his son Atreus journey to the highest peaks in all of the Realms in order to scatter the boy’s mother’s ashes. But all manner of hell will greet them on their path
  • Welcome to Hanwell — first impressions
    Waking up in a morgue and taking your first steps in the dark, dank blood-splattered underground is a great introduction to any horror game.