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Welcome to my personal homepage — my own little corner of the World Wide Web. Here’s what I’m up to now.

Virtual Photography

I have loved taking screenshots in video games ever since the the early to mid era of World of Warcraft. Nowadays I share many shots from games including Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding and the Resident Evil series.

Web Development

I love Web Development and is what I’m lucky to do by trade — working with PHP and JavaScript mostly. These tend to be with the Laravel framework and VueJS framework respectively.


I try to write more longer-form articles when I find those things that spark a good interest in me. These tend to be horror-related films and PS4 games. I have also wrote about a bunch of albums that I enjoy too.

Latest articles

My writing shifts often from films to Horror Manga; and from PS4 Games to Album Reviews.

  • Thoughts on The people under the stairs
    I finally faced my childhood trauma by watching The people under the stairs in full. I saw sections of it as a child and remember only the image of children running from something in the wall cavities of a old creepy house. It was an absolute surprise and joy to see Everett McGill and Wendy… Continue reading Thoughts on The people under the stairs
  • Thoughts on Friday the 13th part 2
    Apart from being an entertaining and very 80’s killing spree around the cursed area surrounding Camp Crystal Lake, I thought this was a really well made, and clever horror film.
  • The New York Ripper — My Thoughts
    The New York Ripper has been one of the most challenging films I’ve watched in recent times. It’s violence and sexuality are off the charts.
  • Thoughts on Phenomena
    Dario Argento’s Phenomena is yet another example of a masterclass in horror cinema.
  • Thoughts on Resident Evil 4
    Leon Kennedy returns in the East European wilderness in search of the kidnapped daughter of the President. And everything wants to kill him.
  • Thoughts on Days Gone
    Days Gone is an apocalyptic game on the PlayStation 4. A beautiful, violent and unforgiving world.