I finally did it

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Update: I’m now using WordPress again.

Ever since I can remember having my own website, for the most part, I have used WordPress. I’ve loved using it and will always recommend it to clients as being the best way for them to publish online. Of course, with me being a web developer I’m always wanting to tinker. There isn’t a day that goes by without me messing about with something on my site.A concept that I learned about, about six months ago or so, was that of the indieweb. Now this isn’t some new platform or anything like that. Rather it’s a set of principles, a way to approach publish on the web. In fact it’s the oldest method of publishing on the web: publishing on your own website.WordPress is great for publishing. But as my needs became more complex, and needing to make more fine grained choices when publishling different sorts of posts, I found my self neglecting to post notes/thoughts because the process of ticking the correct meta values and category was a bit combersome. The process adding a quick note or thought, like that of jotting something in a notepad, should be quick and effortless.So what I wanted was a stripped back UI from which to post notes, as well as other kinds of posts. Because of this I decided to go with a framework as opposed to a CMS platform, choosing ultimately to go with Laravel.The process is still on going as I still need to configure 301 redirects from my old site. But at least I am now publishing from my new site, and new domain, and it’s never been easier to do.

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