Rinse and Repeat

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I find myself most nights tinkering in some way to my website with the goal of making it the best personal publishing platform it can be.

The only problem is, is that because I spend the time tinkering with the site, I find myself not publishing as often as I’d like. I do write notes throughout the day which get published and shared out in most cases, but I’d like to be writing long form more often.

So what I will try my best to do is write something everyday in a more long form style — within my journal section. I was inspired by Jeremy Keith’s 100 Words he has been writing every day. Its all about keeping the drive to produce results in whatever creative profession is yours -i no matter how busy you are or how you’re feeling.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyday writing will produce. Likely it will produce a bunch of ramblings on everyday things but maybe I’ll find a little gold nugget every once in a while.

We shall see.

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