I’ve been neglecting my website for a week or two. Even though most of it is drivel that’s only applicable to me, I think it’s important for us to have our own place on the web – one that isn’t locked in to somebody else’s garden. I.e. Facebook, Twitter etc.

People who get on the train and open all the windows, when it’s cold outside, are scum.

Lloyds bank staff sat on train look to have same branding guidelines as the train. Just saying.

Digging into laravel is fun. Just made my first little generator tool. Laravel makes everything so bloody easy!

Laravel Blade push and stack

Laravel’s blade view compiler is second to none. I’ve used a couple of different templating engines and blade is by far my favourite. Including Partials The way in which we include partials of views within our main views is as follows:@include(‘partials.my-first-partial’)It will inject that partial’s content in the specified place. Defining Sections Within our views,…

“Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful” by Paloma Faith is a belter of an album. Not one song to skip.