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Lucid by Scarlett Taylor

Lucid by Scarlett Taylor

Lucid by Scarlett Taylor is a very strong footing from which her career seems to be growing well from. Her unique, almost-derelict sounding aesthetic is something to be enjoyed, with Scarlett never afraid to lay her voice bare against these haunting soundscapes. “Monster Movie” from this debut album is a perfect example of this.

Although she is relatively new, in terms of her music’s exposure to the world, she has already managed to carve a unique niche for herself. It is clear that not only did she find her footing with this album, but she dug both heels in and continues to push forwards into new and interesting musical avenues.

I got mommy issues
Daddy issues
Money Issues
Holes in my shoes

Mommy Issues by Scarlett Taylor

If you are new to Scarlett’s music then this will be a great introduction to what she’s all about. If, like me, you are listening to this album after “Churches“, then you’re already a fan and are in for a treat.

Stand out songs

If you go by SoundCloud listens alone, then “Purple Bones” is clearly the most popular song from this album. I do like that song, however my personal favourite from “Lucid” is the fifth song, “Mommy Issues”. It’s one of the album’s heaviest with its distorted guitar filling this song’s larger-sounding atmosphere. It’s one of the heaviest I remember hearing from Scarlett, which is always welcome.

“Monster Movie” is another favourite, and is closer to the style I think of with Scarlett’s music. Her voice filling the stage while only a very small arrangement accompanies her. This song’s arrangement comes in the form of a melody played on a slightly over-driven electric guitar.

As with “Churches”, this album is music to get lost in and experience. It shouldn’t be put on with the kids yelling or as a communal office affair. This music is a personal statement and deserves to be experienced as such.

You should buy Lucid here.

Novenbalt by Frank Flektor

At the time of writing I have only been able to find two songs by Frank Flektor – “Novenbalt” and “Robotic”. “Novenbalt” is the one I chose to share today in my 33 days of Synthwave. This song jumped out of the blue at me and felt very reminiscent of Tron.

I’m looking forward to all future releases by Frank Flektor. If they are as good as this one, we’re in for a treat.

And Dream of Sheep (Live) – Official Video by Kate Bush

Kate Bush’s name is synonymous with great, idiosyncratic music. I have to admit it has been a long time since I have listened to her music. However I have just seen this new live recording of “And Dream of Sheep” from her Hounds of Love album. It has reminded me just how amazing Kate Bush is, and rekindled my interest in her music.

She has a mystical power able to touch your very core. Her sound is visceral whilst being one of the most soothing voices I’ve ever heard.