The AC!D Reign Chronicles Director’s Cut – Grimes X HANA

“The AC!D Reign Chronicles : The War of Art” is a collection of music videos recorded during Grimes‘ two week tour in Europe. The tour was in support of her recently released album, Art Angels. Each one of the videos is beautifully art directed by Claire Boucher (Grimes) herself, with her brother Mac performing Director of Photography duties.

The songs in these videos are written and performed in almost equal parts by both Grimes and HANA. HANA performs three of her own songs whilst Grimes performs the other five of her own. The songs from both artists complement each other really well, with HANA’s leaning more towards the ethereal and slow-tempo, while Grimes’ are more towards the up-tempo and eclectic.

One thing that was great to see in these videos, is how much fun they have with it. They are so obviously loving the creative process and being on tour together, that it shines through in the performances and the finished product as a whole.

Grimes and her band
Grimes and her band

It was great to see performances from other members of the band too. Linda Davis and Alyson Van joined Grimes’ band as dancers and not only are they great live, but their performances translate really well to film also. On top of that Aristophanes, who features on the awesome screamer track “Scream”, performs on the video for that song.

My girlfriend and I had the privilege of seeing their show live in Birmingham and it was truly exceptional. Both of these women are the full creative package: song writers; producers; live performers and artistic directors for their own videos. They are creating for creation sake and the world needs more people with that mentality putting great art into the world.

The Songs

  1. Butterfly by Grimes
  2. Underwater by HANA
  3. World Princess Part 2 by Grimes
  4. Chimera by HANA
  5. Scream by Grimes featuring Aristophanes
  6. Avalanche by HANA
  7. Belly of the Beat by Grimes
  8. Easily by Grimes

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