Tove Lo’s short film Fairy Dust

In support of her new album, “Lady Wood“, Tove Lo also released a half-hour long film called “Fairy Dust”.

“Fairy Dust” is raw, emotional, often raunchy and probably not safe for work. It’s really cinematic, has big production value, and has a surprising performance by Tove Lo herself. There isn’t much that this woman isn’t prepared to do on screen for her art – parental advisory is recommended. The film reminded me a little of what Lana Del Rey did with her film “Tropico”.

From the very opening, Tove’s performance is pretty exceptional. I wasn’t hugely familiar with her previous work and so I didn’t really know what to expect from her. This opening scene alone showed me that she’s much more than just a musician.

Tove Lo holding Ladywood album
Tove Lo holding Ladywood album

The performances during “Fairy Dust” gave me a deeper appreciation for the songs that were included too. Stand outs include the titular “Lady Wood” and “True Disaster”. A lot of these performances were expertly crafted in themselves. Each song was like its own complete, independent scene – the “True Disaster” scene is awesome and looks as though it was done in one continuous take. Whenever I hear this song now I can’t help but think of that scene. The same goes for all the songs.

As for the story of the film, in general it’s about a relationship and the passion and rage surrounding it. For me this film is more of a complete work of art set to original music than a point by point narrative – I’d love to hear what you took from the film in the comments below.

If you’re a fan of Tove Lo’s music, you need to check out “Fairy Dust” as a companion to the album. But whatever you do please don’t watch the whole film at work – unless either your boss is very open to artistic raunchiness or if you are the boss.

You can buy Tove Lo’s “Lady Wood” on Amazon today.

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