Review of Life is Strange

Put simply, ‘Life is Strange’ is one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. The level at which I connected with the characters, even from early on, was palpable. I put my headphones on, turned off the light, and got lost into the small coastal town of Arcadia Bay. Like with Until Dawn, ‘Life […]

Terminator 2 Re-release in 3D

When I was eight years old Terminator 2: Judgement Day was released at the cinema. I remember it vividly. Not because of my going to see it, but because of the evening my parents dropped me off at my Nan’s house whilst they went to watch it. Now, Twenty Six years later, I finally had […]

Twin Peaks is the best show on TV right now

No TV show goes to places in the way that Twin Peaks does, or indeed even did when its first series aired. I’m not talking about level of graphic violence or any sort of shock factor; I’m talking sheer originality. Twin Peaks always has been, and always will be, completely original. From the unique collaboration […]