Snow White adaptation by Junji Ito

Most people probably know the story of Snow White — the seven dwarfs; the poison apple; the prince. But I bet not many know of this version by acclaimed horror Mangaka Junji Ito. A short version but not one to be missed. Read on Manga Owl.

American Horror Story – 1984 Poster

American Horror Story 1984

I really need to get and watch AHS: Apocalypse before this next series starts. I absolutely adore this show, but I always seem to wait until the next one is coming out before catching up. 1984 looks freaking awesome though – just the concept alone. Can’t wait.

Rodney Trotter after going skateboarding with the Groovy Gang.

I just stumbled upon a classic episode of the TV series Only Fools And Horses. It’s the one where Del Boy, Rodney and Cassandra win a holiday to Spain after Del sends one of Rodney’s old school paintings into a cereal competition.

This series still stands up and I’m still laughing out loud watching it.

They truly don’t make them quite like this anymore.

First steps into No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky_20190619153255

I am absolutely loving No Man’s Sky. The planets I’ve visited are absolutely stunning! My first base is on a snowy planet I discovered. I called the planet “Ice Bonga”. The cold storms get pretty nippy on there. After warp driving to a neighbouring star system, I found another new planet. This is probably my…

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A flooded walkway

Decided to go for a stroll, which ended up being a two-hour walk around a local nature reserve. Beautiful scenery but almost got bested by flooding water numerous times.

Ellen Ripley (circa 1979)

In celebration of my restarting Alien: Isolation later, I thought I’d share a commemorative picture of Sigourney Weaver from the film Alien.

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