Rodney Trotter after going skateboarding with the Groovy Gang.

I just stumbled upon a classic episode of the TV series Only Fools And Horses. It’s the one where Del Boy, Rodney and Cassandra win a holiday to Spain after Del sends one of Rodney’s old school paintings into a cereal competition.

This series still stands up and I’m still laughing out loud watching it.

They truly don’t make them quite like this anymore.

A Beggar Woman 1861 Painting by Hugues Merle

During our trip to Paris a few years ago, my girlfriend and I visited a fair number of art galleries. Although I saw a lot of paintings that stood out to me, this one — A Beggar Woman by Hugues Merle — was one that grabbed me the most.

I’m not even sure what it is about it that spoke to me. I just found myself imagining stories within the world this woman lived in.

I am absolutely loving No Man’s Sky. The planets I’ve visited are absolutely stunning!

My first base is on a snowy planet I discovered. I called the planet “Ice Bonga”. The cold storms get pretty nippy on there.

Getting shelter in my space ship on Ice Bonga

After warp driving to a neighbouring star system, I found another new planet. This is probably my favourite planet yet so have decided to set up camp.

I have named this new planet “Plush Bonga” and have begun the base building.

A flooded walkway

Decided to go for a stroll, which ended up being a two-hour walk around a local nature reserve. Beautiful scenery but almost got bested by flooding water numerous times.

Looking forward to getting back into Alien: Isolation on the PS4 tonight. I tried playing it about a year ago but I got about an hour or so into it and stopped playing. Dunno why I never went back to it.

However, I have been advised by a couple of mates through PSN that I need to give it another go. So I shall give it a good run this time.

I need to write more

I literally started writing this post at the moment I had the thought that I should be writing more. I love the idea of being a writer and for that I know that all I need to do… is write.

You see, I keep finding myself wanted to write about different topics that interest me, however, I keep thinking that I need to put those posts within a “branded” website.

For example, I actively write on another blog at which is about Horror Manga (in case you didn’t guess). And that website is fine for me to write for too. But I found myself wanted to write about other aspects of horror. And instead of just writing on this website, I keep trying to come up with brandable website ideas in order to publish them somewhere I consider to be legit.

But this is actually keeping me from just writing about things that I want to write about.

That’s why, as soon as I had this thought, I wanted to just write about it straight away. I want to stop trying to make myself some brandable entity and just fucking write because I enjoy it.

And aint even gonna edit this one… warts an’ all.