New horror manga – Genkai Chitai (Disturbing Zone) released in Japan

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Phantom Zone promotional image

Junji Ito has launched a brand new horror manga called Genkai Chitai, which is Japanese for Disturbing Zone. It seems to be a part of a new horror omnibus series called “Phantom Zone”.

From what I can find out so far, it revolves around the more mundane aspects of every day life and how strange occurrences around those things happen. No doubt bringing weird and interesting horror themes into the lives of some very unsuspecting characters.

It has been released through a publication called “Line”. I have found a website called Line Manga, however, it is only available to be viewed from Japan. ๐Ÿ™

I’m really looking forward to reading this one and can’t wait for an official U.K. release.

Excerpt from Junji Ito new manga, Disturbing Zone

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