Been learning to use Docker Swarm

Despite not yet managing to get what I have learnt implemented, I have nonetheless took on board some good concepts around docker and docker swarm

After getting half-way through a Docker Mastery series on Udemy, I decided I would like to move my WordPress website, this one, to using a 3-node swarm.

After a few days of editing and re-arranging my docker-compose.yml file (the local dev configuration file that can also be used for starting up a swarm since compose version 3.3) I have decided to just keep my website hosted on its single regular server. (Although I had already moved the database to its own dedicated server).

Despite the fact that I haven’t actually managed to move over to using a swarm (and to be honest it isn’t even needed for me) I have managed to dive into a bunch of concepts around Docker and its Swarm component and feel that I have added a few new things to me dev toolkit.

I think I will definitely be putting together a little demo in a swarm across three separate servers. But for now I will keep my website settled as it is. 😀

What I have learned – or rather reminded myself of, whilst sat in at home during this damn isolation, is that it is important to keep looking into complimentary technologies around my everyday development skill set.