Junji Ito might be working on a Horror Game with Hideo Kojima

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P.T. was one of the biggest teases to horror game fans. Revealed as being a teaser for a then-upcoming reboot of the Silent Hill franchise, it was soon after cancelled and the demo removed from the PlayStation store 🙁

Fans of both Hideo Kojima and Junji Ito were left to wonder what could have been…

…but we may just get our dream horror game yet!

It’s still all speculation

From what I can gather, Junji Ito himself has mentioned that he has been in contact with Kojima about a possible horror game. Just the mere thought of this was enough to get me salivating.

On top of this, Kojima has mentioned a couple of times that his next game could be a horror game.

The board is set… the pieces are moving… 😀

Just what could we even imagine from the minds of these two incredible creative people!?

I’m going to be doing my best to keep on top of this project as best I can for not only my own obsession, but to keep you all in the loop too. 🙂

They’ve worked together before

Anybody who has played past the first few hours or so of Kojima’s latest masterpiece game, Death Stranding, may have noticed Ito actually appearing as a character within the game: The Engineer.

Although the voice is not his own, his appearance at least was scanned into the game, which made a welcome surprise for Horror Manga fans the world over.

With some of the themes of dead fish on the beaches (ALA Gyo) in some of the games scenes made people even believe that Ito was a creative voice behind Death Stranding. I’m not sure this was true, but Kojima is obviously a fan of Ito’s — it stands to reason that he would take at least some inspiration from the master of Horror Manga.

I can’t wait to see what Junji Ito can bring to the world of gaming.

I have found that Hideo Hojima’s games often tend to have a healthy dose of horror sprinkled in — especially with his most recent Death Stranding.

The moments when encountering the B.T’s of the game were some truly incredible moments of gameplay. They were, for me, instantly iconic — and often damn scary. I had never seen such mechanics in play before with a consistent feeling of dread at some encounters.

Just the thought of Junji Ito working with him, whether that be in just the concept art or with some kind of game direction, I can only imagine into what realms of horror they can take us as players and consumers of these stories.

Where we not only get a sprinkling of horror from a Kojima game, but a full on assault of the senses. 😀

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