The New York Ripper — My Thoughts

The ripper takes their first victim

The New York Ripper has been one of the most challenging films I’ve watched in recent times. It’s violence and sexuality are off the charts.

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No better feeling than to create

There is no better feeling than that of creating. Yes, that is a super vague statement but I wanted to write something — anything — and this post is it. I have spent too much time tonight just clicking around reading articles and watching videos around the world pandemic and the complete fucking cretins governing…

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Thoughts on Phenomena

Phenomena film cover

Dario Argento’s Phenomena is yet another example of a masterclass in horror cinema.

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When the random music mix gives you a row of killer songs. 🤘

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Watching Phenomena

Going to watch “Phenomena”. Initial thoughts What a fucking incredible film. From start to finish I was gripped. Jennifer Connelly is great; Dario Argento is at the top of his game; and Donald Pleasance was a joy to watch as always. The film was violent, creative and awe-inspiring in equal measure. And that ending. That…

Welcome to Hanwell — first impressions

Starting point in the morgue

Waking up in a morgue and taking your first steps in the dark, dank blood-splattered underground is a great introduction to any horror game.

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