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A few months back I started building a personal finance planner for planning finances and running particular scenarios depending on whether I bought different things at different times.

I ended up leaving it but really want to get back into it.I have also decided to try to start blogging my progress with it as I make certain design decisions and as I learn new things.

It may turn into a bunch of messy braindumps but we’ll see how it goes.

screenshot of my local versions of frontend and backend for financy

The backend will be built using Laravel.

I’m using version ^8.54 at the time of writing, but will be upgrading as newer versions come out.

Laravel is where I feel at home when I’m developing anything. A recent interation I had inspired me to really dig in again and also start using PHP 8.0 features.

My goal is to have 100% of the backend of the code to be test-driven. That is, to not write a single line of code without a test telling me that each line needs to be there.

The frontend will be built using Nuxt.

I’m using version ^2.15 at the time of writing and have no real plan to upgrade major releases for the foreseeable future.

I don’t particularly enjoy JavaScript when doing it in my current job. However, I have used Nuxt in the past and did enjoy playing with it when I am fully in control of what I am building.

I’m also using Vuetify with the front end as I just want a general dashboard and dont want to think about styling etc.

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