Thoughts on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Y’all have to look at the big picture here. Nothing worth fighting for was ever won without sacrifice. — Barret Wallace It felt like I had a weird mental journey through playing the Final Fantasy 7 remake. It started with me absolutely loving the opening scenes — the slow aerial shot into the mega-city of Midgar; the beautiful re-imagined image of Aerith down the alleyway. It ended too with me absolutely loving it — despite the fact that it covers…

God of War

God of War cover art

Kratos and his son Atreus journey to the highest peaks in all of the Realms in order to scatter the boy’s mother’s ashes.

But all manner of hell will greet them on their path

Thoughts on The people under the stairs

The people under the stairs poster

I finally faced my childhood trauma by watching The people under the stairs in full. I saw sections of it as a child and remember only the image of children running from something in the wall cavities of a old creepy house. It was an absolute surprise and joy to see Everett McGill and Wendy Robie as an on-screen couple again after their iconic partnership in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks as Ed and Nadine Hurley. Credited as simply ‘Man’ and…

Welcome to Hanwell — first impressions

Starting point in the morgue

Waking up in a morgue and taking your first steps in the dark, dank blood-splattered underground is a great introduction to any horror game.

Thoughts on Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemarys Baby

The haunting story of a woman carrying her first child, struggling to keep it all together. However, she begins to suspect outside forces are working against her and her family’s safety.

An absolute horror classic.