Adopted Daughter (Tomie part 12) by Junji Ito

What is Adopted Daughter about? In the twelfth chapter from the Tomie Collection, Adopted Daughter sees the lady herself be taken in by a friendly old couple. This lovely couple have been unable to have children themselves, and so have previously adopted from a local orphanage. However, their fate seems cursed, as every one of […]

Hair (Tomie part 11) by Junji Ito

What is Hair about? After looking around her father’s study, Chie discovers a very weird trinket hidden in secret. That trinket is a wooden box, within which is a large collection of long black hair. Although the contents of the box are strange, the hair’s unique properties are stranger still. Once the box has been […]

Waterfall Basin (Tomie part 8) by Junji Ito

What is Waterfall Basin about? In this eighth chapter from the Tomie Collection, Waterfall Basin, we encounter a very strange man – the travelling salesman. This salesman enters a small, mountain village one day, carrying a very strange product indeed. Within his small briefcase, he carries a selection of small, neatly-tied packages. These packages, one […]