Anhedonia by Chelsea Wolfe-and Emma Ruth-Rundle

Beautiful haunting song. Gave me similar vibes to parts of the Inland Empire and Mulholland Drive soundtrack. There is a very specific song that it’s reminding me of — I just can’t remember what song it is. As soon as I remember I’ll update it here. I think it is reminding me of “Llorando” — the French version of Crying from Mulholland Drive.

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Nymphetamine album — Cradle of Filth

Release in 2004, this is one of my favourite albums from my younger days. Thanks to a work mate, my love for this band has been re-ignited. I have been listened to their albums lots over the past couple of weeks, but this one has stood out to me above most. Possibly helped along from the nostalgia I feel for this album. Stand out songs for me Track 2 — Gilded Cunt Track 3 — Nemesis Track 5 — Nymphetamine…