Interview with Du Blonde

Beth Jeans Houghton goes by the alias “Du Blonde” and is not only an awesome musician, but also works in photography; comic books and illustrations. I had the opportunity to ask her a bunch of questions about herself which she has kindly answered for us here. She was super fast in answering these questions, however, […]

Interview with Lyndon Holland

One of my favourite soundtracks, and a recent obsession of mine, has been the soundtrack to the game Virginia by Lyndon Holland. His soundtrack has had such a great affect on me, and no doubt many others. Lyndon recently agreed to answer some questions of mine so that we can get more of an understanding […]

Interview with Bad Electric

One of my favourite synth artists of recent times is Bad Electric. His E.P. LUX, which I wrote about previously, is still in my regular circulation. I reached out to him this week on SoundCloud about answering some of my questions. Below you can read the answers to those questions and get to know him […]

Interview with French Electronic artist Hante

During my recent exposure to synthwave music, I have discovered an exciting French Electronic artist by the name of “Hante”. Her music edges towards the darker side of synthwave, and is one of the artists who is easily identifiable among her synthwave contemporaries. Whenever I hear a song by Hante, it feels like Hante. I […]

Interview With Droid Bishop

Droid Bishop is a well known and respected name within the synthwave scene. He has music on SoundCloud that spans back several years, which you should definitely go and check out. This month I was lucky enough to be able to send him some questions to answer and with Bishop-like precision, he got the answers […]

Interview with Roslyn Moore

This week I am excited to share an interview I did with one of my favourite lady performers at the moment – Roslyn Moore. You should be listening to her music, specifically her awesome album, “Hazy (A Desert Opera)“. I wrote a review of the album recently and can’t recommend it enough. Roslyn is part […]

Interview with Scarlett Taylor

I get really excited when I find a new artist, whose music I can obsess over. I discovered Scarlett Taylor’s music on Soundcloud as part of a playlist. Specifically it was the song “Fucked Up” that grabbed me. As soon as I had listened to the song, along with it’s album, “Churches“, I immediately wanted […]

An Interview with Hannah Grace

One of my favourite E.Ps to come out so far has been Hannah Grace’s Mustang. Such great music – and with a good variety in its four songs. I am really looking forward to a full length album by her in the near future. I have been lucky enough to be able to interview Hannah […]