Interview with Du Blonde

Beth Jeans Houghton goes by the alias “Du Blonde” and is not only an awesome musician, but also works in photography; comic books and illustrations. I had the opportunity to ask her a bunch of questions about herself which she has kindly answered for us here. She was super fast in answering these questions, however, […]

Interview with Bad Electric

One of my favourite synth artists of recent times is Bad Electric. His E.P. LUX, which I wrote about previously, is still in my regular circulation. I reached out to him this week on SoundCloud about answering some of my questions. Below you can read the answers to those questions and get to know him […]

Interview With Droid Bishop

Droid Bishop is a well known and respected name within the synthwave scene. He has music on SoundCloud that spans back several years, which you should definitely go and check out. This month I was lucky enough to be able to send him some questions to answer and with Bishop-like precision, he got the answers […]