• I’m not a “devops” person, but I’m learning

    By trade I am a PHP developer. I’ve never done devops in a professional setting. However, for a while I have had a strange fascination with various continuous integration and deployment strategies I’ve seen at many of my places of work. I’ve seen some very complicated setups over the years, which has created a mental…

  • Started to re-watch Breaking Bad. This’ll be my second time viewing. Think I’m gonna try and share my favourite shot from each episode.

  • Gutted that I’m now all up to date with Taskmaster. Only discovered it a month or so ago and been binging it.

  • Don’t stop building

    I really enjoy building scripts for my own workflow. I wish I had the skills to build things in the real world, but until then I’ll keep building stuff in the digital space only. Although I love working with PHP and Laravel, it is Bash that has re-ignited a passion in me to just build…

  • I love the idea and philosophy of Stoicism. In practice, however, it’s bloody difficult to live by after 39 years. Will be working on this going forward.

  • Got the Chas and Dave itch again. Love these guys and the music just instantly makes me happy.

  • Incredible shot from The Last of Us episode 6

    Incredible shot from The Last of Us episode 6

    Another incredible episode of The Last of Us. The references were so great too. Shimmer; Dina in the background; farm with sheep. Next week will be the episode with David and it’s gonna be so very dark and have one of the best episode endings so far I reckon.

  • The Internet Archive / Wayback Machine ( is absolutely incredible. It has saved most of my old posts and pages. Been spending a week or so rescuing those posts and bringing them back.

  • Was nice to finally meet most of the jump24 crew in the flesh last night. Even if I did come second to last in bowling. 😅 @jumptwenty4

  • Bowling with work mates.

  • What happened to the old library in Birmingham?

  • Been taking a few shots in Red Dead Redemption 2 recently. Will share them out very soon.