The new trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil film looks really fun. I’m looking forward to watching it. I just can’t work out how they will fit the story of both the first two games into one film. Unless it’s three or four hours long — which I’m fully onboard for.

Migrating my website to Statamic

I love Laravel. I also really like WordPress, for what it is. So when it came to originally putting my personal site together I just wanted to get a simple WordPress site together. I have attempted to build my own website and blog in Laravel from scratch multiple times over the years. I even stuck with a build for a while but ultimately went back to WordPress. My issue was only down to the fact that I wanted to write…


Finally watched this film for the first time and I absolutely loved it to bits. As I sat there sweating through the UK heatwave — my apartment being three or four degrees higher — I became lost in this world of LA. It goes without saying that Al Pacino and Robert Deniro are at the top of their games in this film, but i’m gonna say it anyway… …they are both so fucking great. As are all the other performances…

So you’re new to the Internet?

If you’re new to the internet, allow me to give you a brief explanation. The “Internet” is series of connected networks across the world that form bigger networks. A network is a series of connected things (computers and routers in the case of the internet). The world wide web (www) sits on top of the internet (as does email and other things too) The world wide web is what a lot of people are referring to when they talk about…

Guerrilla featured my Horizon Zero Dawn virtual photography shot

It’s been a couple of weeks, but I wanted to write up a quick post documenting Guerrilla featuring my virtual photography shot on the 3rd July 2021. To see all the messages coming in from people who like the picture was amazing — thank you to all of you. Link to Guerrilla’s tweet on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Guerrilla/status/1411366562452234243 My original tweet: https://twitter.com/chegalabonga/status/1401208763558895624 The original post on my website: https://davidpeach.co.uk/2021/06/05/heres-looking-at-you/