Blackbird by Junji Ito cover

I’ve been rescued… but She came… but I don’t need the meat anymore… Moriguchi wants the strange woman to leave him alone Blackbird — Synopsis In Blackbird, we join a young man who is bird-watching alone along a beautiful stretch of a mountainous forest. This man’s name is Kume. Along his walk he comes across another young man who is lying injured amongst the foliage — his name, Moriguchi. It seems that Moriguchi has broken his leg, and has managed…

Human Chair

The Human Chair begins with a lady asking a furniture maker about buying a chair for herself. After a passionate talk about the importance of a good chair, the Salesman takes her into a back room to show her one particular chair — a chair with a strange past.

Fixed Face

Fixed face is a short manga about a young woman who, due to a cruel twist of fate, becomes trapped in a menacing-looking Dentist’s chair.

Fun Summer Vacation

Fun Summer Vacation cover

Fun Summer Vacation tells the story of a family with an evil younger son. That son is none other than Junji Ito favourite, Souichi.