• Butterflies (Uzumaki part 14)

    Butterflies (Uzumaki part 14)

    Kurouzu-cho has been decimated by hurricanes being pulled in towards Dragonfly Pond. And there seems to be some strange children with the power to weaponize the hurricanes.

  • Blackbird


    I’ve been rescued… but She came… but I don’t need the meat anymore… Moriguchi wants the strange woman to leave him alone Blackbird — Synopsis In Blackbird, we join a young man who is bird-watching alone along a beautiful stretch of a mountainous forest. This man’s name is Kume. Along his walk he comes across…

  • The House (Uzumaki part 13)

    In The House, Kirie and family must move home after theirs is destroyed in a storm. But their new home hides a deadly secret and a body-altering disease.

  • Dissection Chan (Dissection Girl)

    Dissection Chan (Dissection Girl)

    A young woman has a dream… to be dissected. Something inside her yearns to be cut open and studied…

  • The Storm (Uzumaki part 12)

    The Storm (Uzumaki part 12)

    In The Storm, the question as to whether the spiral is actually targeting Kirie is pretty much answered. She is pursued by the eye of a deadly storm…

  • Ghosts of Prime Time

    Ghosts of Prime Time introduces us to one of the strangest double acts I’ve ever seen. This double act is a comedy duo, two young women, known together as Tasogare Kintoki.

  • Human Chair


    The Human Chair begins with a lady asking a furniture maker about buying a chair for herself. After a passionate talk about the importance of a good chair, the Salesman takes her into a back room to show her one particular chair — a chair with a strange past.

  • The Umbilical Cord (Uzumaki part 11)


    In The Umbilical Cord, Kirie Goshima must come face to face with the aftermath of the massacre she witnessed in Mosquitoes. An aftermath 9 months in the making.

  • Fixed Face

    Fixed face is a short manga about a young woman who, due to a cruel twist of fate, becomes trapped in a menacing-looking Dentist’s chair.

  • Mosquitoes (Uzumaki part 10)

    In mosquitoes, Kirie must survive an horrific night in the hospital when she comes face to face with blood-thirsty pregnant women.

  • Fun Summer Vacation

    Fun Summer Vacation tells the story of a family with an evil younger son. That son is none other than Junji Ito favourite, Souichi.

  • The Black Lighthouse (Uzumaki part 9)

    The Black Lighthouse sits on the coast of Kurouzu-cho. Although thought to be abandoned, it suddenly begins emitting a strange swirling light every night at sundown. People decide to investigate…