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I am currently getting back into reading Manga. As a result I will be sharing my thoughts here about any particular stories that stand out to me. So far I have mostly been reading the stories of Junji Ito, but will be branching out to other artists in the near future.

This cat has a cursed face

Junji Ito’s work was my first taste of manga – and what an introduction! Grotesque body horror and the creepiest stories you could imagine. So imagine my surprise when I heard that he had written a story about his cats.

That’s right, you read that right.

“Junji Ito’s Cat Diary: Yon & Mu”, is an autobiographical Manga story about him and his wife and their two cats, Yon and Mu. However he has drawn it in the same style as he draws his main body of work – in a true horror fashion. The cats and the story lines are fairly common for most cat owners: The cat running out the front door and the owners having to find them; taking the pet to be castrated; playing with the cats with a cat wand. Except he manages to imprint his own unique style into every frame of the story.

The story also had a really moving end to it, as he incorporates the true events from his and his wife’s adventures with Yon and Mu. This is a Manga I can highly recommend for all to read – its light subject matter and idiosyncratic art style make it a great gateway drug to the world of Junji Ito.