Joyner Lucas – I’m Not Racist

In the opening lines of this video I was as shocking and disgusted as any decent human being would be. Until I realised that it isn’t the white guy actually singing. Please watch to the end. This video has a good message and the tune is absolutely banging!

Green Light by Lorde

The lady herself has returned and not a moment too soon. Lorde’s debut album “Heroine” is up there as one of my favourite ever albums and have been waiting eagerly for her follow up. This first single, “Green Light”, from her next album has a different sound to her debut – more up-tempo. I have read…

Acid Rain by Lorn

As soon as this track started I was immediately transported back to the 80’s. The synth sounds in the opening felt like something from The Terminator soundtrack.Then the thumping beat kicks in and I was hooked. The first time I heard this was from watching the accompanying music video, and I’m glad it was. The…

Skwod by Nadia Rose

This song is absolutely addictive as hell to listen to. The video is well-choreographed too, perhaps inspired partly from Lady Leshur’s Queen’s Speech series videos.

Halloween Theme Rework by Perturbator

Growing up, one of my scariest moments was seeing Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. Halloween has turned out to be a big influence on my now-grown-up tastes. I mean, I don’t have urges to kill anybody, but I do have urges to listen to awesome dark synth music and watch the occasion film that…