David Peach :: Changelog

Today I did — today I learned, kinda thing

  1. v37.165.0935 —
    • Basic re-theming of my Mastodon page.
    • Basic re-theming of my Virtual Photography page.
    • Added The Last of Us part 2 shots to Virtual Photography area
    • Added Days Gone shots to Virtual Photography area
    • Added Death Stranding shots to Virtual Photography area
  2. v37.164.2139 —
    • Re-theming of my Blog
  3. v37.152.0712 —
    • Set up a working 'labs' domain on my server, built in Laravel.
    • Got my new Labs site to work with Github actions CI.
  4. v37.150.2038 —
    • Getting continuous integration for this site set up with github actions
  5. v37.149.2259 —
    • Created this changelog and backdated last few days
    • Watched The Walking Dead S10E17
  6. v37.148.0 —
    • Added my twitter archives to my homepage here
  7. v37.147.0 —
    • Comfortable with the overall flow of building out a website using Nuxt JS.
    • First shot of Covid 19 Vaccine
  8. v37.146.0 —
    • How to get a Gemini server and browser up and running. Thanks to Chris Were.