So Tesco have decided to stick a sound system in the Tesco Express beneath my flat. Now I have dull bass occasionally coming through the floor. Slow clap to the person at Tesco who decided this was a good idea. Slow clap indeed. *smh*


I’ve recently started playing catch-up with a lot of the more recent horror films. I really enjoyed Hereditary. Pretty creepy all the way through and it never seemed to go the easy route with jump scares where lesser film makers would have opted for. Just overall a good horror film in my opinion. And now I’ve just learnt it’s from the same director as Midsommar, it makes me want to watch that even more now.

Limp Bizkit – Still Sucks

I only ever got into Limp Bizkit’s album “Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog flavoured water”. Back when I were a nipper. I thought I’d give the new album a go and after two or three full listens it has really grown on me. Stand out songs for me Out of style (I fucking love the riff)


Really want to be writing up thoughts on the recent films I’ve seen. But I just don’t have the best mind frame right now. Been in more of a coding frame-of-mind.

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The new trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil film looks really fun. I’m looking forward to watching it. I just can’t work out how they will fit the story of both the first two games into one film. Unless it’s three or four hours long — which I’m fully onboard for.