Dead by Daylight — Resident Evil chapter

Seriously can not wait for this chapter of DBD on the 15th June.

Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 3 remake have been two of my favourite games of the past few years — especially when re-playing.

So to get this in my go-to multiplayer game, Dead By Daylight, is like birthday and Christmas at once.

Taking my first steps with YunoHost (Y U No Host) for most of my online needs. After a couple of false starts it seems to be coming together.

You know what? Fuck Google. Just when I think I couldn’t hate them more. Exporting my previous uploaded music (about 100gb worth) from their Play Music service. Do they put the songs into Artist / Album folders?


Instead they package it up into 54 zipped folders and stick random songs along with loads of csv files with dumb stats in.


Now I’ll have to write a little script to read the song meta data and organise into folders myself.

I’ll share the script once it’s done and tested.

Are you being a fucking idiot?

(Originally pasted into facebook) I don’t often stick long posts on this god-awful surveillance website, but after hearing about some friends and family suffering, I didn’t want to hold back. If you’re going into shops etc without a mask on when you should wear one, you’re a fucking idiot.If you’re holding personal gatherings when you…

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Started working on a side project I’m calling “Pitch”. It’s an end to end encrypted website starter inspired by SiteJS by the Small Technology Foundation.

Got a basic vue app set up with the vue-cli but now can’t work out why my private key generator sometimes returns what I expect — a Uint8Array — and more often a mess of random characters.

Am I misunderstanding something I wonder?