Taking my first steps with YunoHost (Y U No Host) for most of my online needs. After a couple of false starts it seems to be coming together.

You know what? Fuck Google. Just when I think I couldn’t hate them more. Exporting my previous uploaded music (about 100gb worth) from their Play Music service. Do they put the songs into Artist / Album folders?


Instead they package it up into 54 zipped folders and stick random songs along with loads of csv files with dumb stats in.


Now I’ll have to write a little script to read the song meta data and organise into folders myself.

I’ll share the script once it’s done and tested.

Are you being a fucking idiot?

(Originally pasted into facebook) I don’t often stick long posts on this god-awful surveillance website, but after hearing about some friends and family suffering, I didn’t want to hold back. If you’re going into shops etc without a mask on when you should wear one, you’re a fucking idiot.If you’re holding personal gatherings when you…

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Started working on a side project I’m calling “Pitch”. It’s an end to end encrypted website starter inspired by SiteJS by the Small Technology Foundation.

Got a basic vue app set up with the vue-cli but now can’t work out why my private key generator sometimes returns what I expect — a Uint8Array — and more often a mess of random characters.

Am I misunderstanding something I wonder?

Sorting through and moving all of my photos from google photos into ProtonDrive. In preparation for finally deleting my google account once and for all. ProtonDrive offers encrypted storage that perfectly meets my needs — secure storage that actually cares about privacy.

2020 — Review of the year

Disclaimer — this post is still in a bit of a draft state. I have published it, however, as it is New Year’s Eve 2020 and if I don’t do it now I will probably forget to do it. What an absolute bloody shit show this year has been. I’ve been super lucky when compared…

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Setting up my own labs

I’m going to begin setting up my own “labs” area to play around with various web technologies. For the longest time now I have been holding myself back quite a bit by only really learning technologies around current roles at the time and for my own personal site. This has mainly revolved around Laravel and…

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31 Films of Halloween 2020

I think I’m going to try and do the 31 days of Halloween by watching 1 new horror film each day in October. (Or just 31 new horror films by the month’s end is more likely for my timetable) I may alter the order as I go. 1 — Suspiria (2018 remake) — watched 1st…

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