“There’s only one reality left. We’re here and it’s now. You get ahold of that and hang on tight, or you might as well be dead” — Taylor from Planet of the Apes (1968)

This is my “Now” page. It functions as a quick glance of all the things I am currently doing / working on. It was inspired by the “Now page movement“.

Updated on 20th July 2020.

Occupation: Back-end Web Developer working at Eastside Co.

Living: Somewhere in England

Projects: Building the Horror Manga Site; Planning a small website to save my PlayStation achievements; Planning to build a new tortoise table for my Horsfield, Flash; Building a little PHP static site generator.

Currently Learning: Rust programming language;

Quick Facts: I am an amateur virtual photographer. I enjoy exploring new Teas; I am part of the coolest DBD sqwad; I play guitar; Mean Girls is one of my favourite films.

Just finished playing on PlayStation 4

The Last of Us part 2

Words just can’t express how much this game took out of me. So many emotions throughout and so expertly crafted.

I absolutely loved it. Beautiful and brutal throughout.

Currently Reading

Duma Key by Stephen King

Back on the reading train with this one. Only read a handful of Stephen King’s Books and this one is turning out to be a intriguing one.

Music I’m listening to

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