Am Watching

  • The Babysitter

    Not to be confused with the 1995 erotic, straight-to-video film starring Alicia Silverstone. 2017’s The Babysitter is a violent, fun watch and completely ridiculous in all the right places. I was recommended this by a friend and did really enjoy it. I was surprised that it was a 15 though. Looking forward to watching the…

  • Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

    The “Final” chapter. Lolz. I enjoyed the film for what it was — the gathering together of a bunch of young people for Jason to pick off one by one.

  • Friday the 13th part 3

    Friday the 13 part 3 was a lot of fun. I didn’t enjoy it quite as much on the whole as I did part 2, but it was still a great ride. And it was great to finally see Jason don his infamous hockey mask. I found myself wondering about the director’s taste when I…

  • Watching The people under the stairs An image from an old film haunted me for some years in my childhood. Only recently did I discover somehow, without watching it, that the image was from The people under the stairs. Now I’m going back in to a film I may have seen as a child and…

  • Watching Friday the 13th part 2 Loved the first film but have never got round to watching the others. It’s about time I remedied that.

  • Watching Suspiria 2018 remake I am in love with the original Suspiria. Hoping for a different take in the remake.

  • Watching Phenomena

    Initial thoughts What a fucking incredible film. From start to finish I was gripped. Jennifer Connelly is great; Dario Argento is at the top of his game; and Donald Pleasance was a joy to watch as always. The film was violent, creative and awe-inspiring in equal measure. And that ending. That vile ending that just…

  • Watching Five Dolls for an August Moon by Mario Bava.

  • Watching Deep Red.

  • Just finished the horror symphony that is Alien on the big screen. Now time for the balls-out, face-melting metal that is Aliens.

  • So Deadpool was fucking awesome. A lot of fun.