Du Blonde

  • Interview with Du Blonde

    Beth Jeans Houghton goes by the alias “Du Blonde” and is not only an awesome musician, but also works in photography; comic books and illustrations. I had the opportunity to ask her a bunch of questions about herself which she has kindly answered for us here. She was super fast in answering these questions, however,…

  • Welcome Back To Milk by Du Blonde

    Welcome back to milk by Du Blonde is fierce, bold and packs a huge punch in its 36 minutes. Du Blonde, real name Beth Jeans Houghton takes us to many different places in this album. I’m excited to introduce you to it. From the very opening crunching guitar riff of ‘Black Flag’, this album will…

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    “Golden” by Beth Jeans Houghton reminds me very much of Joan Baez. Wonderful song.

  • Really loving Du Blonde’s album ‘Welcome back to Milk’. Its definitely going on my top albums of 2015.