• The name ferret comes from the Latin ‘furittus’ meaning ‘little thief’.

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    Blue Crane, also known as Paradise Cranes, are the national bird of South Africa.

  • Giraffe


    Giraffes have the same amount of bones in their necks as humans.

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    I had to shell out 20 bucks!… Cowrie shells and deer skins were used as currency, leading to modern slang for money

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    Paper money was first developed by the Chinese using stag skins, bark or parchment with an imperial seal. It caught on in Europe in the 1700s

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    Porcupines kill more lions than any other animal

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    MKV, as in the audio/video container format, are also known as Matroska Video files. Matroska coming from the Russian word ‘matryoshka’, meaning ‘nesting dolls’.

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    Lemurs are ‘Prosimians’, which means ‘Before the Monkeys’. They’re one of earth’s first primates.