Fragments of Horror

  • Blackbird


    I’ve been rescued… but She came… but I don’t need the meat anymore… Moriguchi wants the strange woman to leave him alone Blackbird — Synopsis In Blackbird, we join a young man who is bird-watching alone along a beautiful stretch of a mountainous forest. This man’s name is Kume. Along his walk he comes across…

  • Dissection Chan (Dissection Girl)

    Dissection Chan (Dissection Girl)

    A young woman has a dream… to be dissected. Something inside her yearns to be cut open and studied…

  • Tomio Red Turtleneck

    In Tomio Red Turtleneck, a young man cheats on his girlfriend and almost loses his head.

  • Wooden Spirit

    In Wooden Spirit, Junji Ito takes us on a strange journey of love. Specifically, the love between one woman and a house that she finds desirable…

  • Futon


    Futon is the first, and shortest, story in the Fragments of Horror Collection. It centers around a man who refuses to come out from under his blanket, for fear of the invisible spirits around him. What is Futon about? This is a very short Horror Manga story. It shows a young couple who live in…