• Between hope and danger by Hante

    Hante’s music is always a dark, dreamy escape that I am addicted to getting lost into. As soon as I learned of her new release, ‘Between Hope and Danger’, I immediately had to listen to it.

  • Interview with French Electronic artist Hante

    During my recent exposure to synthwave music, I have discovered an exciting French Electronic artist by the name of “Hante”. Her music edges towards the darker side of synthwave, and is one of the artists who is easily identifiable among her synthwave contemporaries. Whenever I hear a song by Hante, it feels like Hante. I…

  • No Hard Feelings by Hante

    Listening to No Hard Feelings by Hante makes me feel a lot more cultured than I am. Hante is a hugely talented Electronic / Synthwave / Darkwave artist hailing from Paris, France. Her music is darkly melancholic that completely envelopes you when you listen. I always imagine myself sat in some smokey underground Parisian nightclub…