• Made in the Manor by Kano

    When it comes to UK rap music, few are revered in quite the same way as Kano is. Present in the Grime scene from the early days, he has had five studio albums to date. Made in the Manor is his latest and stands up, hands down, as one of the best rap albums I’ve…

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    Different Pattern by Manga Saint Hilare ft JME & President T

  • Integrity by JME

    Two years ago, If you’d have told me that one of my favourite ever albums would end up being a rap album, i’d have probably laughed. However that is just what Integrity by JME has become. I should mention early on that I don’t really have any knowledge of rap music in general; only what I’ve…

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    Lethal Bizzle Rari WorkOut ft. JME & Tempa T