@paul_tibbetts Hey! cheers for the Laravel meetup tonight. I noticed on your website you’re implementing indieweb stuff. I do so on my own site too. If you need any help with it or wanna chat indieweb just give me a shout.

Really gutted I can’t make the @IndieWebCamp this weekend. I will be looking forward to hearing about all the stuff that gets discussed and ideas that come out of it.

Instead of posting to multiple silos – Twitter; Facebook; Flickr, and then pulling in that data to your website with all manner of widgets – consider posting all of your online content to your website first. This way you can choose which content should share to which silo(s)

My IndieWeb Setup

Please note: This is now out of date somewhat This post is an outline of my IndieWeb setup. I describe some of the key plugins I have installed as well as third party services I use. All of which play nicely together for the IndieWeb.Built with WordPressMy personal site is built using WordPress and is…