Lana Del Rey

  • Lana Del Rey absolutely killing it with her new song, “Love”. This is the kind of positivity and good vibes the world

  • Honeymoon by Lana Del Rey

    Honeymoon by Lana Del Rey

    From the moment I first heard her previous album, “Ultraviolence”, I was hooked. Honeymoon then became my most anticipated album of 2015. And I was not disappointed. From the moment the first strings on the title song began, I could feel that this was going to be another unforgettable dive into the cinematic, haunting world…

  • Just stayed up to listen to @LanaDelRey‘s new album Honeymoon at moment of release. And my gosh it was worth it!

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    After much refreshing of my music streaming service of choice, she has arrived…

  • I really can’t wait for Lana Del Rey’s new album, ‘Honeymoon’. If the singles are anything to go by, its gonna be frickin awesome.

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    Its finally come to the episode of American Horror Story I’ve been waiting for — Jessica Lange’s cover of Lana Del Rey’s Gods and Monsters. Can’t wait.

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    Who the hell curates an album labelled ‘The Greatest Female Voices’ and doesn’t include Lana Del Rey? But they do include the bloody Corrs!?!

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    If someone would like to buy me Lana Del Rey’s deluxe edition of Ultraviolence that would be swell.

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    Just found out that Grimes is supporting Lana Del Rey on the Endless Summer Tour. If I could afford the plane fare I’d be straight over there.

  • If I could take only one album with me to a desert island, it would be Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence.

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    Here’s one for you to listen to: Lana Del Rey ‘Big Eyes’