• Don’t stop building

    I really enjoy building scripts for my own workflow. I wish I had the skills to build things in the real world, but until then I’ll keep building stuff in the digital space only. Although I love working with PHP and Laravel, it is Bash that has re-ignited a passion in me to just build…

  • Given, When, Then — how I approach Test-driven development in Laravel

    Given, When, Then — how I approach Test-driven development in Laravel

    Laravel is an incredible PHP framework and the best starting point for pretty much any web-based application (if writing it in PHP, that is). Along with it’s many amazing features, comes a beautiful framework from which to test what you are building. For the longest time I cowered at the idea of writing automated tests…

  • Preview Laravel’s migrations with the pretend flag

    Preview Laravel’s migrations with the pretend flag

    Here is the command to preview your Laravel migrations without running them: Laravel’s migrations give us the power to easily version control our database schema creations and updates. In a recent task at work, I needed to find out why a particular migration was failing. This is when I discovered the simple but super-useful flag…

  • Migrating my website to Statamic

    I love Laravel. I also really like WordPress, for what it is. So when it came to originally putting my personal site together I just wanted to get a simple WordPress site together. I have attempted to build my own website and blog in Laravel from scratch multiple times over the years. I even stuck…

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    If I start rebuilding my website in Laravel yet again, I really need to see it through and commit to it. If the last couple of weeks have taught me anything it’s that I love working with Laravel. Let’s see how this goes.

  • How I would set up Laravel with Docker

    This is a quick brain dump for myself to remember how I set up Laravel with Docker. Hopefully it can help others out also.

  • How to easily set a custom redirect in Laravel form requests

    How to easily set a custom redirect in Laravel form requests

    In Laravel you can create custom request classes where you can house the validation for any given route. If that validation then fails, Laravel’s default action is to redirect the visitor back to the previous page. This is commonly used for when a form is submitted incorrectly – The visitor will be redirected back to…

  • Digging into laravel is fun. Just made my first little generator tool. Laravel makes everything so bloody easy!

  • Laravel Blade push and stack

    Laravel’s blade view compiler is second to none. I’ve used a couple of different templating engines and blade is by far my favourite. Including Partials The way in which we include partials of views within our main views is as follows:@include(‘’)It will inject that partial’s content in the specified place. Defining Sections Within our views,…

  • Laravel global query scopes were the answer I needed when working out how to deal with post types in a clean way.

  • Great to see @laravelphp has reinstated auth/register functionality as an artisan command in 5.2

  • Updated to PHP7 and got white screen where was fine before. It was @laravelphp blade comment block causing. Deleting comment block fixed it. Just mentioned in case anybody else had a similar issue.