I’ve started watching Scream Queens, finally

I’ve been a fan of American Horror Story for a few years now – since Hotel first aired. So you’d think I’d have been all over Scream Queens too, given it was also created in part by both Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy. But for some strange reason, known only to me I guess, I […]

Snow White adaptation by Junji Ito

Most people probably know the story of Snow White — the seven dwarfs; the poison apple; the prince. But I bet not many know of this version by acclaimed horror Mangaka Junji Ito. A short version but not one to be missed. Read on Manga Owl.

American Horror Story – 1984 Poster

I really need to get and watch AHS: Apocalypse before this next series starts. I absolutely adore this show, but I always seem to wait until the next one is coming out before catching up. 1984 looks freaking awesome though – just the concept alone. Can’t wait.

A Beggar Woman 1861 Painting by Hugues Merle

A Beggar Woman by Hugues Merle Taken by myself at the musée d’Orsay in Paris During our trip to Paris a few years ago, my girlfriend and I visited a fair number of art galleries. Although I saw a lot of paintings that stood out to me, this one — A Beggar Woman by Hugues […]

Ellen Ripley (circa 1979)

In celebration of my restarting Alien: Isolation later, I thought I’d share a commemorative picture of Sigourney Weaver from the film Alien.