Own Your Data

  • Using docker and docker compose for my Homelab

    I’ve seen some very elaborate homelab set-ups online but wanted to get the easiest possible implementation I could, within my current skill set. As I have quite a lot of experience with using docker for development in my day to day work, I thought I’d just try using docker compose to setup my homelab service…

  • Setting up mine, and my family’s, Homelab

    I’ve opted for what I believe is the easiest, and cheapest, method of setting up my Homelab. I’m using my old work PC which has the following spec: My Homelab Goals My homelab goals are centered around two fundamental tenets: lower cost for online services and privacy. I want to be: Documenting my journey I…

  • Untitled post 50790

    I’m now running pi-hole through my Raspberry Pi 2b. It’s both amazing and depressing just how many trackers are being blocked by it. I even noticed a regular ping being made to an Amazon endpoint exactly every 10 minutes. I will try and write up my set up soon, which is a mix of setting…

  • So you’re new to the Internet?

    If you’re new to the internet, allow me to give you a brief explanation. The “Internet” is series of connected networks across the world that form bigger networks. A network is a series of connected things (computers and routers in the case of the internet). The world wide web (www) sits on top of the…

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    Taking my first steps with YunoHost (Y U No Host) for most of my online needs. After a couple of false starts it seems to be coming together.

  • Moving my video share links to my own Peertube

    I am moving all of my old YouTube embedded videos to my self-hosted Peertube videos. So that Google inc. can not track you on my site.

  • Setting up my own Nextcloud (Version 16)

    Setting up your very own Nextcloud server from scratch. This has been tested with version 15 and 16 of the software. Any questions, please do contact me.

  • ownCloud – first thoughts

    I have just installed ownCloud on my laptop as a testing ground. I am soon to be buying a new computer off a friend and will be using my current one as a personal server.I decided to go with owncloud because it seems to do everything I need it to right out of the box.…

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    Trying to get ownCloud installed tonight. Firstly having to install a fresh copy of Ubuntu.

  • Going Alone and taking control of my data

    You see so many horror stories about companies such as Google, Twitter and Facebook. About how they use your data to whatever end they want. I heard a story once about how through facebook’s various smart algorythms, someone’s profile had inadvertantly been made an endorser for something inappropriate to their own mom!Now I’m not saying that these companies are…

  • Instead of posting to multiple silos – Twitter; Facebook; Flickr, and then pulling in that data to your website with all manner of widgets – consider posting all of your online content to your website first. This way you can choose which content should share to which silo(s)