Roslyn Moore

  • Tropic of Cancer by Roslyn Moore

    Roslyn Moore is back with her second desert opera, Tropic of Cancer. I was an immediate fan of Roslyn’s as soon as I first heard her stuff on Soundcloud over a year ago. So the announcement of this new album did get me excited. Evolution of the desert opera. Tropic of Cancer is the new…

  • Hazy (A Desert Opera) by Roslyn Moore

    Hazy (A Desert Opera) by Roslyn Moore

    Like people who remember where they were when JFK was killed, or Princess Diana, I remember exactly where and when I first heard Hazy (A Desert Opera) by Roslyn Moore. I was in that midway state of consciousness between awake and asleep, listening to this album. I was enjoying it as an overall experience as…

  • Drama queen by Roslyn Moore is fucking amazing