Shiver Collection

  • Marionette Mansion

    Family reuinions and creepy puppets. Junji Ito delivers a strange and enjoyable story with Marionette Mansion.

  • Honoured Ancestors


    Honouring the memory of one’s ancestors is something that most people try to do – at least I like to think so. So it seems fitting that in Honoured Ancestors, Junji Ito should take this very human trait and turn the dial up to “weird” and give us a flesh and blood representation of ancestry.…

  • Fashion Model : Cursed Frame


    Fuchi the model is back in this short manga story, included with the excellent Shiver collection. A timid new model crosses paths with Fuchi with very violent and creative results.

  • Used Record

    A musical record has a strange, hypnotic effect on those that hear it. The music tends to be calm and soothing to those who listen. But it can also trigger a rage in those who will do anything to take it for their own.