Started reading IT by Stephen King

Decided I’d finally give this gargantuan book a read. One of the earliest films I remember seeing was the 2-part mini-series of Stephen King’s IT. IT scared the undying crap out of me when I was about 6 or 7. Now, many years later, I have decided to actually read the novel before part 2 […]

The Gunslinger – The Dark Tower part 1

Some thoughts of mine after finishing the first book of Stephen King’s epic series ‘The Dark Tower’. (Image by Michael Whelan.) It took me to my second attempt to actually read this book to completion. And although it started off as a bit of a chore, by about a third in I found myself drawn […]

Started reading The Dark Tower series

I started reading The Gunslinger about a year ago but only got about half way through. After someone at work mentioned The Dark Tower series today, I was inspired to pick it back up and try again. Here goes…