Steven Seagal

  • This is all I need for Christmas TV.

  • is live. If you build websites and need a placeholder image generator, let seagal help! /@sseagalofficial /@rmlocke Edit 7th February 2021: Place Seagal hasn’t been live for a few years now.

  • What’s that? You love Steven Seagal? AND you love placeholder images for web design? Okay, give me a little time…

  • Good job they were pretend chips. This year’s secret Santa I had a girl I’ve never met. So I got her seagalogy.

  • Finally started reading Seagalogy: A study of the kickass films of Steven Seagal. This is amazing. Thanks to @rmlocke

  • Watching the greatness that is Fire Down Below. Thanks to @rmlocke.

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  • Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?

  • Hello Seagal WordPress Plugin


    Every WordPress user knows that a fresh install of WordPress comes with a plugin called ‘Hello Dolly’. Hello Dolly places a random lyric from the song of the same name at the top right of the admin area, changing with each new admin page load. I like the idea but am not really a fan…