So you’re new to the Internet?

If you’re new to the internet, allow me to give you a brief explanation. The “Internet” is series of connected networks across the world that form bigger networks. A network is a series of connected things (computers and routers in the case of the internet). The world wide web (www) sits on top of the internet (as does email and other things too) The world wide web is what a lot of people are referring to when they talk about…

Inner critics and just getting on with it

I have just written this post and then lost it without saving. I am annoyed. That said, I’ll try and rewrite without rushing too much. I’m always tinkering around with this website. As a result I tend to sometimes get bored with it. I feel the design just looks dull and uninspired, and find that my backend could be a lot cleaner… phrasing. I then feel that my website needs to be improved – and as a result rebuilt. This…

What Is The IndieWeb And Why We Need It

Facebook, Twitter, Google plus – all places that help you to publish easily – and for free – on the web. But guess what, the web is already free – or at least it should be – and many people’s only notion of publishing on the web is through one of these, or other, third party silos. It doesn’t have to be this way. And it shouldn’t be this way. Where are we now? In the beginning there was the…

Facebook is a cancer on the web

I commute into Birmingham each day to work and see people on there phones and tablets passing the time. I’m a bit of a nosy git, so I can’t help but take a glance at what they’re looking at. I’m always disheartened when I see — most of the time — it ends up being Facebook. It is sad to see that a lot of people’s only experience of the web is through the guarded corridor that is Facebook.

The more I see how JavaScript gets used in websites I visit, the more I despair. Like when extra content gets loaded in, I click a link in that extra content to go to another page – so far, fine. But then if I click the back button in browser it won’t jump to where I was previously because that content isn’t there any more – not until I scroll down or click the ‘load more’ link at least. I dare say there is a responsible way to approach this. Here’s my idea – just paginate the results and provide page links. Zany idea I know.

I love the web. Fridge packs up last night – and I’ve already found a second hand replacement to pick up tonight. Boom.