Old and ugly (Tomie part 20)

Tomie : Old And Ugly

In Tomie Old and Ugly, Ryo and Yasuko have managed to keep their Tomie alive and well up until now. But some outside forces may well be trying to get at her still. Will they get her to live to a ripe old age? Will Tomie get the last laugh after all?

Top Model (Tomie part 19)

Tomie : Top Model

In Tomie: Top Model, A very arrogant male model crosses paths with Tomie. He then expects her to swoon for him like all other women. He is sadly mistaken and ends up jeopardising both his career and his life for the sake of his pride.

Passing Demon (Tomie part 18)

Tomie : Passing Demon

In Passing Demon, a shadowy figure alters the path of a number of children by injecting them with some of Tomie’s blood. What will happen when these girls get older? And what will happen when they each learn of the others’ existence?

Babysitter (Tomie part 16)

Tomie : Babysitter

One babysitter takes on a little bit more than she can handle with one strange family. After being locked in what seems to be a prison, she discovers that the baby is not a baby at all. And that isn’t the only secret that the parents are hiding either.

Little Finger (Tomie part 13)

Tomie : Little Finger

In Little Finger, the weakest of four brothers is essentially exiled from his family. This happens while he is made to clean up a very bloody mess of theirs. But he will soon find himself in the company of some very strange ladies, while alone in his hidden cave.

Adopted Daughter (Tomie part 12)

In Adopted Daughter, a girl is found on the ground, outside an old rich couple’s home one rainy night. They take her in and adopt her as their own — to the girl’s delight. But she may not be who she says she is, and she herself may discover some dark secrets about her new home.

Hair (Tomie part 11)

Tomie : Hair

A Father keeps a box of hair from an old lady friend of his in a secret place. But once his daughter and her friend discover this secret, the hair’s original owner begins to show herself in very strange ways.