Trying to get SMS posting to my website working this late at night. What was I thinking. Nearly there though I think.

So planning and building an e-commerce CMS is harder than it seemed at first. Not that I thought it would be easy.

With each extra Laravel component I pull in to use, I increasing think – why not just use Laravel? I then have to remind myself that this whole thing I’m building is an experiment and a learning exercise, so it’s okay.

MKV, as in the audio/video container format, are also known as Matroska Video files. Matroska coming from the Russian word ‘matryoshka’, meaning ‘nesting dolls’.

The more I see how JavaScript gets used in websites I visit, the more I despair. Like when extra content gets loaded in, I click a link in that extra content to go to another page – so far, fine. But then if I click the back button in browser it won’t jump to where I was previously because that content isn’t there any more – not until I scroll down or click the ‘load more’ link at least. I dare say there is a responsible way to approach this. Here’s my idea – just paginate the results and provide page links. Zany idea I know.