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2nd March 2021 8:21am
@adamegginton hey. 👋. Remember way back when I’d live tweet you as I was watching lost? Found all the old posts 😅- some spoilers if you’ve forgotten any of lost. 😊
1st March 2021 11:41am
Getting really sick of websites and their fucking “cookie consent” forms and the dark patterns therein. Here’s an idea for you - just #DontTrack. It’s that simple. And if you need a sign in I.e. for a member site, included a message on login form “a login cookie will be stored”.
1st March 2021 11:36am
@GPhoto10 Tough one but for me possibly the last one. Love the bright yellow of the yellow road markings.
1st March 2021 8:33am
@Chris25551 @NinjaTheory @Captured_Collec @photomodeaddict @Visual_Moods @_GameScreenshot @Phot0Den @ThePhotoMode @GamerGram_GG @ArtistSociet @WorldofVP Gutted the studio bought out by Microsoft. No hellblade 2 for #ps5 I’m guessing.
1st March 2021 8:29am
1st March 2021 7:06am
.@MrChom Never forget the greatest Godzilla film
27th February 2021 9:33pm
@TheNobleGaming I’m a bitch for a good photo mode.
27th February 2021 8:38pm
@TheNobleGaming In fact it has one of my favourite gaming moments of the past few years. One word -- walkman.
27th February 2021 8:37pm
@TheNobleGaming Control. Is. Ace
27th February 2021 3:13pm
RT @NMoha19: @ShouldHaveCat Beethoven Mewo 😹