• Started to re-watch Breaking Bad. This’ll be my second time viewing. Think I’m gonna try and share my favourite shot from each episode.

  • I have decided to get back into tinkering with my Raspberry Pi. I will be blogging my journey as I stumble through my initial playing, through to building out my first proper homelab. This first Raspberry Pi (model 2b) will be initially used as both a wireguard VPN server and a local DNS server.

  • I love the idea and philosophy of Stoicism. In practice, however, it’s bloody difficult to live by after 39 years. Will be working on this going forward.

  • Got the Chas and Dave itch again. Love these guys and the music just instantly makes me happy.

  • The Internet Archive / Wayback Machine ( is absolutely incredible. It has saved most of my old posts and pages. Been spending a week or so rescuing those posts and bringing them back.

  • Was nice to finally meet most of the jump24 crew in the flesh last night. Even if I did come second to last in bowling. 😅 @jumptwenty4

  • Bowling with work mates.

  • What happened to the old library in Birmingham?

  • Been taking a few shots in Red Dead Redemption 2 recently. Will share them out very soon.

  • The Arch Wiki really is an incredible resource, regardless of what distro you’re running. Just got my video drivers setup correctly (I think) by just following the guide and the pages it took me to. #RTFM

  • New Thinkpad T470 installed with base Arch Linux and ready to rice it up.

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    Bought the Horizon Forbidden West tallneck lego.